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"Chicago Synchronicity," my city photomontage, will now be a part of the permanent museum collection at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago. Chicago was the first in my Synchroncity series, and it set the stage for creating the others. Also, considering I live in this amazing city, it will always be especially close to my heart!

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  • gmancuso3

So pleased to announce that my "London Synchronicity" photomontage received an Honorable Mention award at the ND International Photography Awards. I am now proud to say that each of my Synchronicity city series has won an international award. I'm beyond thrilled....and thankful.

When I'm working on a new city, it becomes all I do, live and breathe. It becomes my baby. Anything you spend a lot of time on becomes a part of who you are. Each city in my Synchronicity series is like a friend to me and whenever I stop again to take a look, all I can do is smile and remember all we went through together. :)

London Synchronicity is a photomontage comprised of over 300 photographs taken on the streets of London. To create the multi-layered montage, I shot on different times and days, then arranged to create a city scene in an original composition.

London Synchronicity is available in 4 limited edition sizes.

  • gmancuso3

Join me for an upcoming Pop-up Gallery exhibition - a visual art event inspired by the theme, Film Noir. Join me and other fellow artists for an inspirational evening!

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