iPhone Snaps...

I may not always have my Nikon in tow, but I always have my iPhone with me...

  • gmancuso3

I accidentally dropped an eyeshadow makeup palette into the sink. I couldn't resist using my finger to create something new. Such a shame to have to wash it down the sink! I think it's time to go to the art store and purchase some pigments. #iphonography

  • gmancuso3

I'll always be amused and intrigued by the never-ending stream of creativity that manifests itself all over Chicago's street signs, utility boxes, and pretty much any surface that a sticker can stick to. #iphonography

  • gmancuso3

So often I layer and blend in digital format, but deep down I have a desire to paint! I am looking more and more into combining the two genres, to incorporate a more tactile experience when creating.